My experience with Chase Bank, financial institution in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Chase may have changed since my experience with this bank or financial institution. But when I was banking with Chase customer service was terrible, rude, and totally ridgid in their conflict resolution policies. Very black and white and inflexible. Not at all human no exceptions either. I prefer to do business with people and businesses who understand the human condition and make exceptions because shit happens, not every situation can be dealt with the same ridgid inflexible rules. Narrow minded people really suck but when it’s a businesses policies that are rigid and inflexible it doesn’t make for good business, satisfied customers and good business edicate! Chase was black n white, had strict policies and everyone I ever had contact with at that bank were trained to adamantly stick to their policies, no exceptions or extenuating circumstances made any difference. Robots!
Perhaps Chase’s policies have evolved since then and their Representatives are actually 98.6 and realize there are certain things in this world that aren’t that black or white and our human condition is grey. There must be exceptions made and understanding given for after all we are all human, mistakes, misunderstandings, accidents and extenuating cercomstances do happen! There’s too many people in this world who become narrow minded, rigid, inflexible and see everything as being black n white, wrong or right like an unemotional robot or worse opinionated, judgmental, unforgiving and caloused…. Businesses and people need to open and broaden their minds hearts and policies or the rules or self impossed limitations of being narrow minded, opinionated, judgemental, inflexible, and unforgiving will drive people away, cause conflict, turn potential clients away from being your patrappand the g re t ther alternatives that do work with the human condition. And offer the same quality, options and benefits as chase did except Chase was strictly by the book, rigid, inflexible, narrow minded and impersonal and this new connection isn’t ran by human robots but by real people helping real people.

Point being Chase is offering my business some startup, revamping, modernizing and updating my websites attractiveness $$$ it really needs to become fruitful, seen, successful and live up to my dreams! Question is should I risk it all by accepting the loan and believe that my business will thrive because of all the new improvements additions and upgrades to pay the loan as well as turn a noticable profit almost immediately?

I’m always advising those that I love to believe in themselves, think positive, have faith and take risks in order to make things happen one way or another. Being rigid, narrow minded, inflexible, judgmental and unforgiving doesn’t allow you to grow, to change for the better or risk it all to achieve your dreams or fall flat on your ass learning what doesn’t work and what you did wrong? Therefore learning and growing and becoming more wise to what does work and figuring out what not to do next time. therefore by falling on your ass you’ve learned a valuable lesson and opened your eyes to not just what doesn’t work but to infinite possibilities that might. Stimulate creative ideas, change your viewpoint on how to make your dreams real, become fruitful, successful and grow despite falling on your ass. It’s the failuares we experience in life that teach us to become stronger wiser and humbled in the face of our failures. They even teach us patience, give us strength, courage and confidence to risk once again and appreciate everything thats precious to us. Money, security, stability, comforts, luxury and wealth don’t mean shit compared to the unconditional love, acceptance, and understanding that you have from those you love and the equally given unconditional love acceptance, and understanding you give in return. The memories you make, the little things that you’ve done that touched and influenced the life of another. The accomplishments and achievements reached on your path towards your goals and the

R. I. P 

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 This was my best friend Ronie Parrott. She was murdered over some senseless misunderstanding. She went missing Aug. 25th 2015 and her body was found Feb. 13th 2016 in the foothills of Boise about a mile from the fire road gate. She was shot multiple times in the face and head and the elements made it difficult to identify her body. The person or persons responsible for her murder have yet to be charged and remain free to this day. She was a loving daughter, sister, mother, grandmother and a wonderful friend to all who knew her. Whether you were her best friend, family or just an aquaintance she’d give the shirt off her back if you needed it! She loved music and the industry. She is dearly loved and missed every single day and will never be forgotten!