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Welcome to my site. This site is about two businesses. 1. Your Day Your Way Officiator based in Southwest Idaho Area serving Ada,Canyon,Owyhee,Gem and Payette Counties. More for a travel expense fee added to my service fee of $100 weekend event and $80 weekday event. I specialize in customized ceremonies. Ceremonies written especially for my clients based upon their personalities, beliefs, favorite song or poem or perhaps scripture. No two ceremonies are alike. No templates used each one written from scratch. If unique and personalized is what you’d like your ceremony to be then Your Day Your Way Officiator is what you’ve been searching for for your Officiator needs! Non Denominational, Mentions God, No mention of God, Pagan Handfasting, Commitment Ceremonies and Same Sex marriages our specialties.  2. Tarot 4 U is the second business. Unlike the officiator business Tarot 4 U serves the entire USA by phone, skype or facebook video chat. We have readings for all areas, aspects, concerns, questions or issues in life. I have 19 years experience reading tarot and more. Tarot 4 U isn’t just about tarot readings i cast spells, i do house blessings, i expel negative energies and or entities from people, places and things, do candle spells and rituals and all with a little flare, personality, humor and a personal touch. For Readings the phone or skype will do unless you are local to the Southwestern part of Idaho in the counties listed above. Or a travel expense fee is added to my quoted fee for my services and then I’m free to come to you anywhere you need me to be. For spells I’ll require 1/2 my quoted price plus a personal item belonging to the subjects or subject of the spell such as Name, birthdate, hour of birth, city, state, or country and a picture, swatch of clothing, hair from their brush or whatever you can send and not want back address sent by personal email or by phone at the sametime 1/2 my quoted fee for the spell is paid. Or with travel expenses paid i come to you to perform spells, house blessings or expelling negative energies or entities. For those things do need a lot more personal touches and energies than a reading does. For all your Divination and Magickal needs Tarot 4 U is always here for you day or night appointments accepted. I work around your schedule flexibility is my pledge to you. So contact Rev. Bernadette Burton for all your Officiator needs and “Paige Borges”, is my magickal name i use when using the Tarot or Magick, for all your Divination and Magickal needs. I’m here for you anytime day or night! 

Blessed Be

Bernadette Burton Amos









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